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The Slashing of the Christ

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Christ Slash: The New Home For Slashing 'The Passion of the Christ'
If you don’t like it, don’t come in.

This community is for adults only! If you're not a legal adult wherever it is you live, please hit your back button and walk away.

So you've seen the new movie The Passion of the Christ... and you're thinking: "Man, James Caviezel played that a little too sexy." Or maybe you've slashed Jesus/Judas in the past and are loving the attention the new movie is bringing to your branch of the fandom. Either way, this community accepts and encourages slash of Biblical figures. And, sure, it may have been created around the idea of slashing Christ with his twelve intimate male companions, but this community welcomes any Biblical slash, so bring us your best! Slash based on The Last Temptation of Christ, Jesus Christ, Superstar, or any other adapted work is also welcome. This community is as focused on slashing the 'fanon' Christ as the 'canon'.

We're dealing with some touchy subject matter, and if things get out of hand, all posts on this community may have to be screened so you can find what you're looking for instead of a lot of stuff that you're, well, not. For the time, however, we'll see how this flies without close surveillance.

Since I'm not aware of a huge fandom for this particular branch of historial slash, already, discussion posts will be allowed on this community, and if you've made icons with Biblical slash themes, feel free to share! However, I discorage request posts, promotional posts, and off-topic posts, and reserve the right to delete them at my discretion. I'll try and keep memories updated in an orderly fashion so that people who just want yummy slashfic can browse it as they please.

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Community Rules

1) No bashing of any religion will be tolerated, be it Christianity or any other faith. This community is dedicated to people slashing mythic historic figures, NOT to belittle anybody's religious beliefs. There are still Odinists in the world that may not be that hot on Loki/Thor, but it's out there.

2) Please label your fics with ratings or warnings. Some people may be browsing around here for a lark and not real interested in seeing the mad, hot, sweaty sexx0rs.

3) Cut tags, cut tags, cut tags. Unless it’s a piece less than 200 words, nobody is going to appreciate having to scroll through it on their friend’s page. Don’t know how to use a cut tag? Go here.

4) Het fic is welcome, because heck knows the Gnostics take Jesus/Mary Magdalene as truth, but fics with some slash in them are preferred!

5) Most importantly, have fun! We’re dealing with thirteen of the most famous men in history, not to mention the potential to play with a lot of other characters in a very male dominated mythos. This is a slasher’s paradise.

Your friendly local moderator: pawn_of_fortune