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Song of Sweet Love
Your love is buried in my heart, and I draw near to You sweetly.
Care for Your heart makes me feel sweeter, and I serve You with all my heart and mind.
Your leading of love excites my heart; my footsteps of love are close to Yours.
I move as Your eyes tell me; love expresses my inner joy.
Now I live in another world, only You and me together.
You love me and I love You, without grief or sorrow.
Without grief or sorrow, without painful memories.
Without painful memories.

I follow You in love without barriers; Your heart and mine are both joyful.
I’ll touch Your heart and obey You absolutely, not disobeying You in the least.
I’ll live before You more and never leave You again.
I contemplate Your words and cherish Your being and possessions,
cherish them to be my life, and let my heart be occupied by You.
I love You, I love You; Your love has conquered me,
so I have the pleasure to be made complete by You to satisfy Your heart.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise God!

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs
Hello Kelly

Never Let Me Down Again: A Judas/Jesus fanfic.

Never Let Me Down Again, a Jesus Christ Superstar fanfiction by PhantomDaae1981.

Summary: Judas and Jesus meet and speak, an unknown number of years after the events of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Jesus explains the difficult ultimatum given to him by God, leading to Judas being damned to Hell. Inspired by the 2000 movie version, starring Jerome Pradon as Judas.  Contains slash:  Judas/Jesus.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jesus Christ Superstar, nor do I own the Bible.  I also do not own the Depeche Mode song from which I took the title of this story.  This story contains a homosexual relationship between biblical persons; do not read if such ideas offend you. 


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Ficlet: "He That Believes" (Jesus/John the Apostle)

Title: He That Believes
Pairing: Jesus/John the Apostle
Rating: PG
Word count: 570
Summary: Compared to the true miracles he has witnessed, this should perhaps be less wondrous to him.
Author's Notes: This was written for deborah_judge, who generously donated money to help Haiti. I hope you'll like it! For the sake of this story, I went with the traditional interpretation that John is the 'disciple whom Jesus loved', although I'm aware that there are other opinions.

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Fic: The Man That Clothes Me

Hello to all.

It's wonderful for me to have found this comm, though I'm also wondering if there's anyone still around...In any case, I come bearing fic.

Title: The Man That Clothes Me
Pairing: Jesus/Judas
Rating: PG-13, plus a lot of heretical ideas
Warnings: Full of heresies. The notion that Jesus and Judas were in love is probably the mildest one among them.
Summary: God the Father plays a trick on both Jesus and Judas.
Author's Notes: Partially inspired by the 2000 version of Jesus Christ Superstar. The main plot point is inspired by the pseudoepigraphical Gospel of Barnabas, together with a few Gnostic ideas. The theology is due to this story by Jorge Luis Borges.

Fake cut to my journal:
(I would have been certain this is a bad joke, except my Father has never been known for His jokes. )
Hello Kelly

"A Sordid Kind of Thing," slashy fanfic based on the 2000 version of Jesus Christ Superstar.

I posted this multi-chapter story on FFN a few months ago, but now that I am a member of LiveJournal, I thought maybe I could post it here, too, in case anyone is interested.  Alternating POV, and contains Judas/Jesus, Jesus/Mary, and Judas/Annas.

Author‘s Note and Warning:  This story contains slash, suicide, murder, angst, sexual content, and profanity. This story describes same-sex relationships between biblical persons! I do not believe these people were historically gay; instead, I am basing this fanfiction on the 2000 film remake of Jesus Christ Superstar (because Jerome Pradon is made of awesome, and there is undeniable sexual tension in JCS 2000). Flames will be ignored, but any other comments are welcome and encouraged!

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The Tale of the Thirteenth Spirit - Intro

This was my NaNo novel, but my research for this slowed me down too much. Now it's just another of my daft works-in-progress. This is the first sort of chapter-bit. I felt I needed to post it to keep it from going stale while I try to finish it off.

Title: The Tale of the Thirteenth Spirit
Chapter: 1/
Rating: R for this chapter, I suspect.
Pairing: Judas/John
Warnings: Heretical as hell!

have a cigar

Jesus/Judas again! :)

Hello! What a great community you’ve got here :)) All the best wishes to the person who created it! I hope it will never be deleted, even if the members don’t post here very often. Seriously, I’m so happy to finally meet people like me! %)) I thought I was the only one interested in such things...

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